Monday, August 1, 2016

Farewell Elder Smith

Ethan's farewell was a wonderful day.  It was so nice to see all the support that he has from family and friends.  He did an amazing job on his talk during the sacrament meeting and then we had a grand celebration of his embarking on this journey.  So many of our friends and family came to our home to wish Ethan the best!  We could feel the love and it was very touching!

 AJ, Ethan, and Shaun...middle school friends.

 Cafe Rio food, with Evan serving the meat!

 So many treats brought to our house by neighborhood friends!

 A group of high school friends, from freshman to senior year!

 Lee and Kindra Hill...friends from Michigan (where Ethan was born!)

 Ethan and  AJ...magik friends!

Cousin's Alex and Jessica Harding

 Aunt Mischele and Aunt Susan

 Little cousin Mayceleen!

 Goodbyes from Grandad and Nana!

Love you so much...Mom and Dad!

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