Monday, September 19, 2016

First week in the field...Uba 9-19-2016

Hey everyone,

     So last Monday was my last day in the MTC. It was straight classes in the auditorium in full speed Portuguese. Plus we were fubecas (slackers) and arrived late so we were seperated from the district. It was really hard to leave Elder Crocket and Elder Jardine but you know, it's mission life. Five of us traveled all the way to Juiz de Fora together, so that was nice. Made it thorugh the airport with no problems, by the way the security there is garbage. Anyway meeting President Lacerda was cool. He is a really funny guy and his house is way nice. The food we ate there was fantastic as well. Getting companinons was not how I expected it to be. You were in a circle with the person finding out who their companion was in the center and then a face would appear on the screen behind you and everyone would go crazy. It was pretty cool. 

     The field is way harder than the MTC. My area is filled with hills everywhere, so I better have spartan thighs by the time I get back home. It is a decently sized area too.  I have to walk about an hour each way, up hills, to get to lunch with members each day. It is bitter sweet. The food is amazing, but hills. Oh yeah and we only get $42 to live off of every 2 weeks. So I have been eating one sandwhich in the morning for breakfast, loading up on lunch at 12, and then eating one sandwhich for dinner at 10. This first week I didnt buy enough bread to last all my meals, so for my last dinner I ate straight candy and drank a lot of juice. I think when I get home the fridge will always look like it is over filled. 

     Saturday I talked to a guy who was possessed, so that was cool. He came up to us and was rambling on about how his life sucks and how a spirit controls his actions. It was sad because he was talking about taking his own life, and was homeless, so we talked to him for 30 minutes and then invited him to church. Since he is homeless there isnt a lot we can do to find him again. Sunday I had a baptism. It wasn't really mine, it was the other companionship that was in the area, but I was there. The font here is just a small pool that is literally in the chapel to the right of the pulpit.

      Funny story, so all the Brazilians here use spray deodarant. I had my sunscreen on the dresser and he asked if he could use it. I of course, being a nice guy said sure. Then he went and applied it to his armpits, like a lot of it, and was dripping white. I was just dying, but he wasn't too happy about it. He will probably get me back later. Oh yeah my companion is Elder Williams. We live in a small apartment with Elder Lemes and ElderSsilva. So only Brazilians and then there is me. They dont speak any English, but apparently some other Americans taught them swear words in English, so they occasionaly use them. It is hilarious because they don't really know what it means, and they have an accent, enough said.  The internet here is so slow, so I will send more pictures another time.

Love to all at home, 

Elder Smith

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