Tuesday, October 25, 2016

First transfer...new trainer 10.24.2016

Hello everybody,

     This week went by really fast. It was a very successful week in most instances of numbers. This week was the hottest one that we have had yet and even the Brazilians were dying. 

 (That's pretty hot....44 C is 111 F!!)

      Tuesday started out pretty normal and we worked in Industrial. This neighborhood is decently far away, but has pretty good investigators. We just started working there recently so the day was filled with knocking on doors. We are driven to knock on doors and share a lesson so that we can have some water as well. Motivation makes miracles. On Tuesday we used our hour for dinner for the first time on my mission. We went to a pizza place and had rodizio. This is endless pizza for 20 Real. So about 7 dollars. It is pretty good because one pizza here costs 35 real. That night I personally ate 9 pieces of pizza. The most I have ever eaten in my entire life and when we left I had to move very slowly because I thought I was going to die. It was very much worth it. That night was the hottest one that we have ever had here and we literally took our mattresses and slept on the roof. The apartment was an oven.

      This week i have been studying 1 Nephi still. I passed the vision about the tree of life, and am where Nephi gets to see the dream as well. Reading in Portugues is really slow. I dont have a really good scripture in my head to share, but my scriptures got really marked up at the MTC. Everything is colorcoded for when i need a certain topic, but I haven't focused at all on memorizing where they actually are.

     Wednesday was a little different because it was the first day that we didnt have a lunch appointment. It was nice to not have to walk to another house and just enjoy the two hour time slot that we are allowed for lunch. It was actually a really good lunch of rice, meat, and potatoes. The Brazilians here are actually decent chefs. The flavoring could be upped a little bit, but we had a limit of things to use in the house. Who whould have thought that a group of 4 teenagers wouldn't think to buy spices and things of the like? After lunch we went to Triangulo to work. This is the farthest area that we have and every single appointment fell. So we just knocked on doors and tried to find people in the streets. 

     Thursday the others had to go to the hospital for Elder Silva and woke up early. Elder Silva was going blind and had to get medicine for that ASAP. We discovered that right next to our house was partially our area too so we began working there. We knocked on doors and scheduled a lot of appointments for the next week. We did encounter a John Victor who is 19 and really perceptive. It was a really cool lesson with him.

   Friday morning we had a baptism early in the morning of the mom of a recent convert Erika. After that we had time before lunch so we went to the center of town and made contacts for 2 hours. My companionship alone made 100 contacts in an hour and a half. It was pretty cool. We had lunch with Erika, which is the best lunch we can get. Then we set off to Bon Pastor to work where again our appointments fell through. There was a relief society activity that we were invited to  because Elder Silva knows how to mak pao de queijo so we went to that. 

     Saturday I really dont remember what happened. 

     Sunday at church I was able to talk to an investigator of the other dupla in English. It was really fun to be able to talk normal, but it was weird because already my English is slowing down. I spoke a few words in Portugese when I meant to speak in English and had to pause to try and remember a few words. It was a weird feeling. After church we gave a blessing at the hospital to the friend of a recent convert who was in a car crash. He was hurt pretty bad, but he should recover. Lunch was at Nelma´s house the longest one possible, but we got a ride there. After lunch Elder Santos and I had a vent session and talked about what we can change for getting more investigators to church because we had 0 again. We are hitting every category but the stinkin investigators in church. We made a killer plan and then today I learned that he is being transfered in the middle of training. I will be getting Elder Choi to finish my training, so we will see how that goes. 

Until next week.
-Elder Smith

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