Monday, July 10, 2017

Working in Nova Friburgo 07.10.2017

Hey everyone,

     This week has passed by really fast. It was filled with a lot of appointments falling, funny stores, and miracles. The mission life is pretty great. The miracles this week were that even though we didn't enter very many houses to teach people, we never stopped working and when we got to sacrament meeting there were 8 of our investigators there. We didn't have to go to their houses to go with them. Literally we called one time and they showed up there. It was a great meeting this Sunday and they all liked it. The meetings were focused on families and how the church is here to help people become self-sufficient and help them grow spiritually and materially.

    We are working with a  family of 5.   Each one of them has their own difficulty to overcome before they can be baptized, but if everything goes well they will be baptized at the end of the next week. Their names are Ronalda, Fabiana, Iara, Ianca, and Daniel. A whole entire family that is ready and prepared!  There is also a man named Jeirson that went to church this week as well that said he will bring his son with him next week. We are going to try and mark a baptism date with him for at the end of this next week as well.

    Now it is story time. We visited a recent convert called Gleison. He was home alone and was cooking for himself. He decided to make french fries and had the oil already hot. He opened up the package of french fries frozen and just threw it all in the oil. Well as we all know oil and water don't mix well. I was right next to the stove seated when he did this and all of a sudden I just saw flames, lots of flames, I just ran and left the kitchen entirely. I thought that I would lose my eyebrows. I think I almost died. Do you remember the picture of the brother of Jared shielding his eyes form the pilar of light?  Yeah that was Gleison with flames in front of him.

     Other story, Sunday we climbed a huge hill at night for an appointment that ended up falling through. It was also raining hard and we didn't have an umbrella so we took cover in a house being constructed. As we were waiting there we saw, at the top of another hill, a man praying. His prayer was in the form of shouting and we heard him from a distance. So we decided to do what every other missionary who wants a killer mission story would do and we ran up this hill to talk to him and see if we were the answer to his prayers. Well, apparently he was just fine and just goes up to the top of the highest hills to pray often and didn't want anything to do with us. So yeah I almost had a killer mission story of being the angel in the darkness for this guy, but he didn't want anything.

Do you wear the golf type pants that Grandma got you?  Would you recommend them for your mission?

I wear them a lot. I would highly recommend them because they are comfortable, light, and dry easy. They are probably my favorite pants.

How are your shoes holding up?  Do you think they'll make it the whole mission?

At the one year mark the brown shoes are holding up great and the black ones are suffering. They both don't have traction anymore underneath because I wore it all down, and the outside looks good still. On the inside the black ones are destroyed. I have had to cut a few places and I have had to stitch the black heel flap together so we will see how long they last. I have high hopes for the brown shoes but I  think the black ones will die in a few months.

Do most people have cars in Nova Friburgo or do they ride buses or walk?

Most people here walk or use the buses. A lot of people have bus passes.

Oh and that reminds me, next week I will have p-day on Tuesday because zone conference will be this Monday. I am now in the zone Teresopolis. One p-day soon I think we will be going on a ski lift up the mountain where there is a place to see the whole city as well as a restaurant on top of the mountain that people say is good to take pictures. 

Yeah so that was pretty much my week. Until next week!
-Elder Smith

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