Sunday, August 28, 2016

Another week at the CTM 8.26.16

Hey everyone,
     This week I went proselyting for the first time. It was a little taste of what my mission will really be about. It rained the entire time. I don´t have a phone, so I couldn´t check the weather. They didnt tell us anything either so I just had my white short sleeve shirt to protect me form the rain for 2 hours. Besides the rain, it was kinda fun. My companionship placed 6 book of Mormons and got 4 references. I´ve officially helped the mission cause.
     I was finally able to go into the city. Mr. Cheney´s cookies are amazing. I had a double chocolate with coconut shavings cookie and it was fantastic. Walking arounnd the city is cool. I bought a ton of snacks. Everything is so cheap! Big bags of candy for about $1.50, sodas for $.5 and ties for $4. All the stores around here are also pretty small.  I don´t need anything that i cant get here,a nd am not hungry. I am the only one in my district to not get sick so far, but that may be because i eat the least amount of beans and rice.

     This week I went to the Sao Paulo temple and it was really cool. It is a tiny temple that is right in the middle of the city. It is different. The inside though is beautiful. There are some really cool stained glass. pictures, and they do some amazing wood work mixed with marble. I did sealings for the first time today there as well. I was really nervous and asked Elder HIll a ton of questions. It wasn´t too bad in the end. 

     This week has been pretty standard besides that. Classes, classes, food, and scripture reading. The only real change is that we are able to play speed now, so activity time doesnt completely suck anymore. This week it is short so i can reply to everyone. Have a fantastic week!

     Elder Smith

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