Friday, September 2, 2016

10 days left at the CTM 9.2.16

Hey all,
      This week went by very fast. All of them seem to lately.  Classes are really fun, and I can understand a lot now. Just today I had a 30 minute conversaation with a Brazilian sister all in Portuguese. Yeah some parts were rough, but I got my ideas across.  I count that as a win. I sound like a barbarian when I speak Portuguese. There are just so many different conjugations to use. They are subtle, but can change the sentence a lot. 
     On Tuesday my favorite district left, 29-A.  Everything about them was lit, even if they were fubecas (slackers).  A lot of them are going to BYU after the mission, so might see them there. When an American districe leaves, the day before, the two districts beneath them sing with them. It is a tradition. You sing Praise To The Man, Till we Meet Again (the first versus in Portuguese and the last few in English) and the the Star Spangled Banner.  For that song you open the door of the room and all the windows and just let it echo all around the MTC. It made me realize how awesome America really is.
     No district song this week, but we come up with two brilliant ideas. First, we are making a Broadway play called Without Eve. Elder Nichols (the one who can actually sing like an angel) already has two songs for it. You guys will just have to wait for the premier, it is hilarious. The other idea is a church run cologne business. Each scent is a different Book of Mormon prophet and each bottle has a scripture on the back of it. If they are good scents, you could easily get some awareness and refrences. Seems like an easy way to plant seeds to me. 
      Anyway, I am holding strong. Still haven´t gotten sick and am just enjoying the journey. I have 10 days left until I head to the field. Trying hard to not think about it. I am used to the life here, and don't want to leave my district, but all things come to an end.  
     At the MTC you do splits with Brazilian missionaries to practice Portugeses, and this week I got one that is a mute. I have had to do everything, and it isn't helping when he gives one word replies to any question. 
     As for the town, Sao Paulo is pretty clean with its advertising as far as I have seen, however i do sleep on the bus most of the time.
       My advice to everyone back home is to pray. I have gotten a testimony of that here. No time left, so no spiritual experience to share this week, but know that there are lots. 
        Until next week!

 -Elder Smith

Elder Andrade and Elder Smith, and Elder Sedschlag

CTM district

Elder Smith and Elder Lewis

Elder Crockett and Elder Smith

Elder Smith, Elder Johnson (DL) and Elder Nichols

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