Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Elder Smith - last letter from the MTC 9.9.16


The time here flies by. My district is the oldest one an it is just weird. I feel like I just go here. Well on Saturday I went proselyting again. It was better because I could speak better Portugues, passed out more Books of Mormons, and it didnt rain on us. The people here are so nice, and many who don't take a book will let you share your message and just talk with you. It makes me excited to get to the field. 

     The next noteworthy thing was Wednesday. Elder Neil L Anderson came and gave a talk that felt like it was just for me. Elder Ricks writes a question down everyday and I decided to do that the day of the devoitional. That talk was inspired.  Although it did start an hor late. We just sat quietly in our chairs wondering where he was. We got to shake hands which was cool.  I have never shaken an apostles hand,. Oh and i played violin for the choir during this deviotional. It as a cool experience. It was nice to have a violin to play for 4 days. I was amazed by how many Brazilians knew Lindsey Sterling. I had a few little room concerts of Crystallize and Pirates of the Carribean.
     September 7th was Brazilian Independence day. There was unlimited ribs, pulled pork, and an ice cream bar. The ice cream was amazing with waffle cone bowls, 5 flavors, and like 20 toppings. The line was huge for that so you had to just make two bowls the first time you went through. Besides this was just classes. Which are always fun, way fun, with my district. 

This weeks song was Polaroid by Imagine Dragons. It was lit. Next email will be from the field. Until then!
    -Elder Smith

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