Thursday, September 15, 2016

Quick note to say he arrived to mission home in Juiz de Fora 9.13.16

Well I have arrived in the area. The first day so far has been really relax. We were able to eat with the mission president and the food there was amazing. The mission house is just an apartment, but it is a way nice one. The view from it was spectacular. We get like 5min to just tell you that we are alive. I don,t have my trainer yet, but I will find out tomorrow who it is. The first two days are way lax. I did meet Elder Goodrich. He was at the apartment that we will be staying the night I think. The plane ride over here was in a small plane and was only 1.5 hours. Then we went by bus for another 2 hours from there. The city is smaller than i thought it would be, but none of us are going to be starting in this area as our first area. Apparently two of my district will be going to the same area, so they might have a chance to be in the same apartment. I loved my MTC experience, but I already know that the actucal field will be much better. My pday will be Mondays, and we get 2 hours to email in the field. I am stoked for that. The mission president is awesome. He said the rules here, besides the ones in the white handbook were to be a good missionary. He thinks that if we are old enough to handle ourselves, and since we are here we should have some desire to do what is right. He will only get involved if he has to. Anyway I will email on Monday.

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