Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Short week with zone conference in Leopoldina 9.26.16

Hello everyone!

This week went pretty fast. I don't know how much of a missionary I was but it was still great. I only say that becasue we had so many different events and I didn't proselyte much, but when I do go proselyting it is pretty easy to get people's addresses. More people will let you share a message in their home than don't want to hear it. I think that is a blessing for my first area, so the only thing I really have to stress about is the language. 

     The first 3 days of the week were standard. More walking, more eating beans and rice, and then teach a few lessons and chat with a few members. Then Thursday we had a zone meeting. There is one other American in my entire zone, but to be honest, he is a Mexican. His parents are Mexican but he lived in Texas and he already knew Spanish fluently so learning Portuguese wasn't too bad for him.  So I don't count him as one. So I am the only TRUE American in my zone. It was nice to meet my zone and attempting to talk to other people. Talking is still pretty difficult. I can definately understand more though.
     The members are fantastic here in Uba. They will always give you food even if you are just there for 5 minutes, and I think my companions abuses that a little bit, but he is my trainer and I do get free food so I don't complain. One member, Weberson is way chill. He is a recent convert, about 27 years old, and is a professionlay barber. He always shows us pictures of his work and barber expo videos, it is pretty funny. He is way nice and we went to his house for dinner once and we got to play a little Fifa and then share a spirtual message. He gave us something that wasn't rice and beans so that was amazing. It was like a deep fried crescent roll filled with chicken and you dip in ranch. It was heavenly. I tried the famous chesse bread here and it is great. It is like a ball of bread with cheese infused in it. I can't complain about any of the food really. Work is hard, hills are never ending, and the food is always rice and beans.

 On Sunday we were walking to an appointment with a member and an older man called out to us and said he wanted to talk to us. He was a little drunk but could still understand and respond albeit slowly. He said that he wanted to change his life and just wanted to talk with good people and he saw us teenagers in suits and ties and wanted to know what we were doing. We told him that we were missionaries and that we are trying to share a message about Christ with the world. He asked me why an American was all the way out here in Brazil and I bore my testimony to him. He said he needed that in his life and asked us to return the next day when he was sober so that we could share a lesson. We will go back there today and see how it goes.  It was a cool experience.

  Today I don't really have much of a plan except to relax. probably take a nap. Elder Silva is going to make pão de queijo for us and I hope it is just as good as the stuff I had from the bakery but we will see. Desserts are what I am really craving though. I had ice cream once, but besides that. And that is all the time I have.
Elder Smith

Leopoldina zone!

Ethan with President and Sister Lacerda at zone conference.

The zone out and about in Leopoldina for lunch!

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