Monday, October 3, 2016

Getting into the groove of things 10.3.2016

Hey Everyone,

     This week went by really fast. On Monday there was a family home evening with a member and that was fun. I could actually understand what was kinda happening around me so that is progress. Tuesday was a ward fireside and event. We had about 25 people there and Elder Lemes gave the message about the Atonement. After that we played a game with flour and an M&M. You put the M&M on the flour pile and then cut the flour with a knife, if the M&M falls you have to eat it without using your hands. There was some flour left over after the game and it ended up being a flour fight between companionships. It started in the street and made its way into the apartment. No actualy damage,but we couldn't wait til p-day to do a little cleaning.

      I have used my umbrella once. I don't like carrying it around because carrying anything adds weight. So if it is only raining slightly i dont worry about it. If it starts pouring I will bring my rainjacket. Usually when it rains it only rains for 10 min too, so we just take shelter really quick or are in someones house anyway.  It has been nice because the last few days have had constant cloud cover. The nights are decently chilled right now too, I don't need to use my cool pillow thing.
     WednesdayThursday and Friday were pretty basic. We got 5 new investigators we are working with.  I am teaching two women Mishele and Cheila, a mom and daughter; Ze Carlos, an older guy that wants to change, but wont stop smoking or complete any invitations; Sergio, who has a baptismal date and has been taught almost everything, but didn't go to church yet, and Daniel a guy that is just looking for answers.  It is tough. However, we did have 3 investigators at church on Sunday, and two have baptismal dates as of right now. 
      Saturday and Sunday went by really fast because of General Conference. In Brazil, a lot of members watch from the chapel and so that is where we went to. It was in Portuguese and on hard benches, so it was a little different than what I am used to. I couldn't understand anything the first 3 sessions really, but then all of a sudden for the last session I could understand almost every word. I will definately be reading the talks from the lihona when they come out. I want to hear the prophets voices and hear their emotion. You dont get that from the Portuguese translator.  After the last session of conference the mission president said we could go back to the house a little early so that was fantastic. Any down time is sacred to me. 

     Today I ate at Bebe´s house for lunch. Usually we are on our own for lunch on p-days but he invited us so we went. He made feijuado which is the national food. It was alright, but the meat was not good. It has good flavor, but the texture is more like a more solid jello. It is made from the butt of the pig and it almost threw up a few times, but I did eat everything that was on my plate.  After that we just walked around the city, did some shopping and just all around relaxing. Until Next week.

-Elder Smith

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