Tuesday, October 11, 2016

God's Protection 10.10.2016

This week was pretty long, but I made it through. On Monday I had a tri-zone conference with the mission president, 3 hours by bus.  It was good, but none of my district from the CTM was there. They are in different parts of Juiz de Fora sadly. Because of this tri-zone conference we had other Elders in our apartment. More people is always fun. However, we almost missed the bus to Juiz de Fora. We had to run all the way from the apartment to make it on time.

     On Wednesday I talked to a man that claimed he was Jesus Christ. He said God had revealed all the secrets of heaven to him and that we would discover the truth. 
     At lunch there was a worm in the salad. I take this as a sign that we shouldnt eat salad. That afternoon we had a 2 hour lesson and were just answering questions with a family. It was a cool experience, they really wanted to know. Then that night a powerline fell right above my head. I was standing under it 30 seconds before it fell, but we saw a member across the street and went to talk to her. The street light exploded and then the city blacked out. The powerline was smoking and burning and was way scary (yikes, photos attached!) 

       I need to get better at taking pictures, but many times I am just tired, or in neighboorhoods that I dont feel like I should take out my camera. The people here are so poor in many areas it is sad. But everyone has a tv and an xbox. It is kinda funny.
     Saturday we had a birthday party with members. It was fun, but they don't know how to make cake. Every time it is cake with bread and meat. Give me some dang sweets!! They did have candies so I wasn't too upset.
       Oh, and there was a ward council that I got to go to. It was cool to be a part of the think tank to help the ward, but after a little while it hurt to try and decipher every conversation in Portuguese that was happening at the same time. Uba is split into 2 different areas. My area is Uba 2 the new one. We have a small part of the old uba, but for the most part it is all new. We don't participate in the meetings, but I have born my testimony twice already. Once when i got here, and the other during fast sunday.
      The branch has about 60 members that are there every week and then 20 that are semi frequent. There are a lot of less active members though. Two of the leaders here though are recently returned missionaries and they are way nice. They know what it feels like to serve and are especially good with helping me understand what is happening. The bishop here is way funny too. All of the members here are good to be honest.
    That is all i have time for today. Sorry it is choppy had some problems securing a computer to use and don't get the full time.
-Elder Smith

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