Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas! 12.19.2016

Hello everyone!
  So this week went by way fast. It was filled with lots of different activities. So let's get started. Tuesday we got our act together and started organizing appointments better so that we don't have to walk forever. It was just a normal day of trying to find people and teaching a few lessons. We have started teaching shorter lessons with only the first half of the restoration and then marking our next appointment and it seems to work pretty good. We get to gauge if they are interested or not and we don't make them feel like an appointment will last forever. 

That night we had an activity at the church and it went well. Elder Choi gave a message and then we played Werewolf Brazilian style. Literally the same just different characters. It was good.
     Thursday we had a zone meeting and so that meant the house was full Wednesday night as well. It is always fun to have other missionaries pass through. The zone meeting was good and we talked a lot about how being obedient reflects our desires. 

Then after that, we had a youth activity at the church.   We got an xbox, ps2, and a bunch of games and just went ham. We had almost every youth in the branch and they even invited some of their friends, so it was a success. That night as well I had English class, so not much work got done that day. 

     Friday we had the opportunity to help sister Elia move houses. We went there right after lunch ready to help for a few hours and then had appointments that night. The moving truck was an hour and a half late and she had really only taken the beds apart to prepare for the move, so it ended up taking a bit more time than we had planned for. In the end, we had to leave early because we had appointments, but we got everything loaded, and then half of it unloaded into the house. We went to Sao Domingos at night for our appointments, which is a bit sketchy, but if you don't mess with them, they don't mess with you so it was all good. 

     Saturday and Sunday were pretty normal as well. We had a baptism at the church for the other dupla and the Spirit was really strong there.

This week had a lot of surprise thunderstorms as well so that was fun. I always prefer the rain to the heat. 

This week I thought that I would talk a little about a few investigators:

Jose Roberto is a 62 year old man that is retired and lives alone. He has medical problems and had to have two toes and part of 4 fingers amputated. He likes to talk a lot and agrees with everything that we teach. We arranged for a member to pick him up to go to church this week and he actually went. He said his foot hurt and he could only stay for an hour, but he ended up staying the whole time and said he like it. 
     Lucileia is a 40 year old women with two sons that live with her, Markus and Marlo. We are teaching them together and they are progressing really well. She knows the doctrine and just needs a little help with the desire to go to church, but they went last week. They didn't make it to church this Sunday though. 

     I don't have more time to write about the others, but there was just a little glimpse of who we are teaching. Enjoy your Christmas week everybody!

-Elder Smith

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