Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas is coming! 12.12.2016

Hello everyone!

So this week passed by pretty quick and the mission is starting to pick up pace even more. This week though we did a lot of walking. We didn't plan that well when we were making appointments so we had to walk forever and then people weren't even there so that was fun. 
     So on Monday I had a good p-day of relaxation. That night as well we had a FHE at Sister Rita´s house and there was plenty of people. Oh and we didn't pay the electricity bill and they cut us off. So we had a little feast and ate almost everything that was in the fridge and moved what was left into the more cold freezer to try and preserve it. So that was a fun little experience.

     Tuesday we went to Boa Vista to work. We had some appointments there and they all fell through, but we did catch an investigator called Marlo, the 15 year old son of Lucliea. It was a good lesson with him and he started opening up to us. He has some potential. Then we backtracked a little bit and then went all the way to Da Luz to meet with a struggling less active member Dudu. His home is very humble and he works there making furniture. The couches that he makes though are way good quality. He is a professional that taught himself. He has a gift. We shared a good lesson of enduring until the end that seemed to help him. 

    Wednesday we walked forever and I swear we left the city. We were on the very outskirts on a windy road trying to find our way home. We walked for probably 4 hours trying to reach appointments and the whole day we just had 2 lessons. When we finally returned though the light was back on. However, we got home before the other dupla (companionship) so we played a prank on them. We cooked our food, took a nice semi warm shower, and then flipped the breakers and pretended like the power was still gone. We had them convinced and they did everything in the dark until right before bed I asked Elder Kaiser " Do you believe that we will have wind tonight" because it was way hot. He started talking about how he would love to have some because he was sweating and so Elder Choi left and sneakily flipped the breakers back on and I turned on the fan. They were a little mad but it was hilarious.

     ThursdayFriday, and Saturday were just normal days filled with lots of walking. We have started to work in the very distant neighborhoods which take 40 minutes to just arrive at the start of them. However, we have been filling the time with profound doctrine. Elder Choi knows a lot about this stuff and showed me some talks in the house. I cant even explain how much I have learned from him.

     Sunday we had a broadcast that was just for Minas at 11:00 so that was nice. We went to peoples houses to bring them to church and ended up waiting an hour at the house of Lucileia waiting for her to get ready. She said 10 min and then turned into an hour. So we showed up 45 minutes late for the broadcast. When we finally got there we had trouble with the internet so that was bad. After church we ate lunch with Irma Elia, made some contacts, and then went to defend a member. Irma Rita has a catholic friend that wanted to make prayer in her house and she said that they could. Then she invited the missionaries there to help her out because she couldn't say no to her friend. It was a different experience. We had a written program that everyone took turns reading from, repetitive prayers, and some idols of saints. We were very respectful and in the end they said their prayer, we said our prayer and then they left. There was no bible bashing or anything derogatory from either side. It was interesting for sure. 

Anyway so yeah that was my week here in Brazil. Christmas is coming, and I am getting excited. 

Until next week!
-Elder Smith

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