Monday, December 5, 2016

No longer a Greeny!! 12.5.2016

Hello everyone!

So first off i will answer some questions. 

How do you watch these movies you speak of on pdays?
So people that are being trained have to watch a missionary training series called The District. So we have  little dinky DVD player here. 

What has been the best part of serving a mission so far? What has surprised you the most?
The best part about serving a mission so far is the friendships that you make. I am learning a lot from everyone here in the house and am really improving my conversation skills. It is really cool to meet people that have good beliefs and want to work. I feel like i have known these guys for a long time. 

Are you out with the other dupla a lot?  Lots of pictures have the four of you out together.
Every day we all eat lunch at the same house and that is generally the time that I take pictures. On the way to lunch, or when we have an activity with the Branch. So yeah we are kinda with the other dupla a lot.

     So the family home evening (FHE) last week was a success. I didn't quite have enough cookies to feed 25 Brazilians, but every had at least 2 cookies so I didn't feel bad. They were really good, a little different, I think it is because the brown sugar here is a little different, but they were still good. I still haven't tried sweet bread.. 

I am using my allowance still to buy normal food. I am valuing more having better meals to eat than to eat just desserts. I still eat two sandwiches for lots of meals, and it has just become my life. This Christmas though, I will bite the bullet and buy some quality cereal to at least participate in one tradition. 

    Fast Sunday is rough for me as well. It was rainy and had clouds for the whole week, but Saturday brought the heat. My mouth was so dry and I woke up Sunday feeling sick. I made it 22 hours before I drank some water to releave the dry throat and breathe, but it was a good fast. 
Don't worry about the fast internet thing, I will already be headed for the best place here. The members though don't really have that great internet, but I am sure that Elder Lemes knows where we can find it. We have church at 9-12 here in Uba. Generally we go to lunch after that and I am assuming that we will Skype there. I still don't know, but answers will start to come.
    So the passing of this week marked the end of me being a greeny and the end of my reign as senior companion. It was a good experience for me being the one to make all the decisions and I learned that being a missionary is a lot more than just knocking on doors and making contacts in the streets. 

This week we struggled with finding new investigators, and a lot of our appointments fell through. One good thing about being in Brazil is that if a appointment falls through you will hae at least 5 other houses within 5 min that you can visit. Making contacts in the streets and noting down addresses is easy. This week the other dupla had a baptism which was good. Her name is Laura, she is 17, and she would have been baptized earlier, but her parents didn't let her, so it was good that she was finally able to be baptized. 

Transfers were this week and no one in this house changed. I will be with Elder Choi still and am pumped.  This week we were at a members house during a major thunderstorm.  The power went out and we spent 3 hours in the dark there.  It was kinda scary...these are our scary faces!

Until next week.

Elder Smith

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