Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Off to Volta Redonda...01.16.2017

Hello everyone,

     Let's get right to it with the big news. I just got transferred to a city in Volta Redonda zone. I forgot which one. I will leave tomorrow for my first transfer there. I am excited and a little sad at the same time. Uba has been kind to me, minus the heat. I don't remember the name of my new companion but i have only heard good things about him. 
   So this week was a week of cutting a lot of people. We had started the last week with more than 20 different investigators and we cut some, and then some cut us, and we were down to like 6. So this week was pretty much weeding out those that don't care. It was good and all, but one of our investigators Helen threw us a curve ball. We went to her house to teach a lesson and depending on that lesson we were ready to give the baptisimal interview with Elder Kaiser. However, the within the first 5 minutes she told us that she wanted to return to her old church. She said that she would still visit ours, and that she like it, but she had a lot of friends in the other on and was missing them. It was a really hard lesson, and I didn't expect it. After she said that there was silence for a solid 20 seconds as I tried to say something.

     On the brighter side this week we have been working with the Branch leadership a little bit more to try and integrate the members into the missionary work and to help us understand the struggles of the members. We had organized a fireside/training session/theatre for this Saturday. We have a bunch of little funny plays to show what the mission life is about, some killer talks, and then a choir that will sing. It is going to be really cool. The whole purpose is to relate the members to the missionaries a little bit more and give trainings about how to invite their friends to church, what to do when an investigator goes to church, etc. It will be good, but I wont be here to help it so good luck to the new guys that will arrive. 

    This week we also had a youth game activity that was a success. We had a lot of youth there, some converts, less actives, and nonmembers too. The number of youth in the branch has been growing a lot. When i arrived it had about 5, and now it is at 12. It has doubled in the last 4 months. 

     So pretty much that was my week. I have been learning a lot about the scriptures and have spent some more time with Elder Choi learning about profound doctrine. It has been good and i have learned a lot form him. I am hoping that i will learn a lot from my next companion in the next area. Next week i will let you guys know a little bit more about it. Chao!

Elder Smith

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