Monday, January 9, 2017

Summer is heating up! 01.9.2017

Hello everyone,

    First off, I finally got my Christmas package.  Well, not the big one you sent, but the smaller replacement one.  Thank so much.  It's fun to get some things from home!  The Star wars shirt is legit!.

     So this week was once again hotter than hot. I believe we are constantly around 90 degrees or a little bit higher. However, things are looking good and this week was the first week that we managed to hit our standard of excellence! This is our goal for how many lessons we wanted to teach, contacts we made, people attending church, baptism dates made, etc. Every week Elder Choi and I were close, but it had always eluded us because of sacrament meeting. We had arranged to have a division early with some members to help us get investigators to church, but one of them didn't show up. We waited 30 min for him until we had to leave. So we didn't get to go one neighborhood. We knocked on 5 houses that said they would go and not one would go. As we were leaving the neighborhood we passed one house for the second time and a teen called Markus had returned. He went with us to church and when we arrived we already had 3 investigators there. It was the first time we had 4 investigators there and that was what we were always missing to achieve our goal.
     This week was pretty standard as for the work, and there weren't any activities so there isn't much to say. So I will talk a little bit about some investigators. We have a new investigator named Helen that is the girl-friend of a member. She is 55 years old and she asked us to teach her. She really wants to learn and is a good investigator. She has already gone to church 2 times without us needing to look for her.

     Another investigator is named Markus, and his mom Valeria is good too. They both understand the doctrine, and ask questions to help them understand. Markus went to church this week, but Valeria has problems getting to  church because she works most Sunday mornings.
     David is a 20 year old that wants to learn as well. He thinks that we are like Jehovah's Witness and are here to do Bible study, but we will work on that. He asks a ton of questions which is good, but at the same time they aren't connected questions. They are all over the place and it is hard to keep him focused.

    So those are the 3 best and brightest for right now. Today I will be relaxing a little bit more and going bowling against some youth of the church. Send me some prayers that I will beat them! I hope that you all are doing well and just remember that through our diligence we will get our reward. At times it feels like nothing is changing, but our efforts are being noticed in the heavens. If you stick to it good things will come, but not necessarily quickly. 

Until next week!

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