Monday, February 27, 2017

Carnival in Resende...oh boy!! 02.27.2017

Hey everyone, 

     So my last few letters have been really weak so I am going to make this one good. This week the temperature is dropping ever so slightly and we have rain again. Nothing heavy, which is fine for me, but just enough to bring clouds. 

As for the work this week was a more or less week. The last week of the transfer is always hard. I found out about this transfer and learned that I will be getting a new companion Elder Alvez. I don't know anything about him, but I hope that he is good. I am sad that Elder Palomo will be leaving. I really wanted to be the last companion of him, but it was not meant to be. Elder Favela will be leaving the house as well and Elder Jared will be training a newbie.
     We have decided to start closing our teaching group in Vicintinha and to move to a closer neighborhood because our investigators aren't going to church. We have started knocking doors in Vila Moderno. However, the hard part of trying to knock on doors is that Carnival started Friday. And Brazil has pre-carnival parties, so we aren't teaching a ton. So carnival isn't that big in Resende. At least we can still go out and work. The only problem is that today after 3 we can't work because men wear womens clothes with pink wigs and are crazy and will grab you and mess with you. There is a bar at the side of the apartment and Friday night we weren't able to sleep because of the sound. We ended up sleeping in the church. 

(The view from their apartment!)

     Wednesday we went to Porta Real, a small city close by that is in our area. It had a group with 40 members active, but the stake president decided to close the group. Now they are supposed to go to our ward, but it is a little pricey, especially if you have a big family. we visited a lot of members there and are thinking about starting to work there. The members are still active-ish. They go to our ward once a month and would go more if it was closer. 

     Friday our new ward mission leader went with us for the whole day. His name is Bruno and he returned from his mission 3 years ago. He is really excited and has a bunch of ideas for the ward. We taught 7 lessons with him and he gave us tips and talked a little about how he did things in his mission. Then that night Carnival started. There is a bar to the side of our apartment and they brought out the sound stystem .They are way loud and also had a small army of men in women's clothes and pink wigs beating make-shift drums.

     A few of our investigators are Beatrix, Chryslaine, Evanete, Telma, Joyce, Francisco, Enn, Petterson, and Stefany. They all have their own difficulties and we are trying to help them .One thing that Elder Palomo said is that every missionary decides what type of missionary he will be. Some choose to just baptize, others to serve, and others to reactivate less actives. And that we need to choose what kind of missionary that we want to be. I need to figure this out. Anyway I am doing fine here in Brazil and hope that you guys all enjoy your weeks. 

Until next week.!

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