Monday, March 6, 2017

Tudo mundo 03.6.2017

Hey everyone,

     So this week was the week of transfers and I had to wait at the bus station for 5 and a half hours because of problems with the planning, but in the end I found Elder Alves and we are doing well right now. We are working hard and trying to find those people ready to receive the gospel.  So the new Elders in the apartment are Elder Alvez and Elder Crandall. Elder Crandall is from Idaho and Elder Alves is from Sao Paulo. The little one is Elder Jared from Mexico. Elder Crandall is the new greenie and it is kinda funny to see how missionaries struggle learning a language. I remember when I was learning as well and it is hard, but he is learning fast. He went to the CTM in Provo, so he literally only has 5 days here in Brazil.

     We gave the ultimatum for the less actives and investigators that were living really far away and not progressing. We couldn't keep going there if they weren't willing to work with us. Maybe in the future they will be ready. But we started to work closer to the church. We found a 20 year old women named Bia who likes to study and learn about religion and hasn't been baptized yet. We are going there this Wednesday to teach her and her family and I hope it goes well.

I found this really big snail the other day.  It was so cool.  We did leave the snail half alone. It was huge and I got scared of him and wanted to see if he was heavy so I knocked him upside down, but he is still alive. And they don't eat snails here, so that's good.

     This week we had another volleyball activity and it was a success. There were a bunch of members there and a few nonmembers that we are going to try and visit. It was kinda of spontaneous because no one announced it and then everyone showed up. We didn't know about it, we were going to the church to practice for the talent show. It looks like we will be dancing Thriller and it should be interesting. 

      The spiritual message for the week is the importance of sharing the gospel with our friends and neighbors. It doesn't have to be a lesson with them, but invite them to church activities or a family home evening. There was EFY this week here in Brazil and a bunch of youth from the ward went. During a practice there with a nonmember and teaching a lesson the youth asked the teen if he wanted to be baptized and he actually said yes. They thought that he was joking, but he said,  "no I think it is time to baptize." They called the missionaries of Juiz De Fora and they gave the interview and baptized him at the pool there. You never know who is ready. 

Until next week!

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