Monday, March 13, 2017

Short and sweet...03.13.2017

Again this week i wont have much time to email. sorry... No one has money so we are trading turns at a members house. There wont be a group email this week, but to be honest it wouldnt have had much in it. I am doing fine and am getting along well with my companion. The house is doing well and everyone is alive and well.

Questions answered:

So, was the snail heavy (from last week's photos)?
It was decently heavy yes. 

Do you clean the apartment each week?  How clean is it really?
We clean the apartmet every week. The only problem we have is with the dishes André laundry. No one wants to do the dishes And we dont have a place to dry all of our clothes.

We're you alone at the bus stop for 5 1/2 hours waiting for Elder Alves?  How did Elder Crandall arrive?
No I wasn't alone. I was with the missionaries in barra maisa. Elder crandal arrived with Elder Jared. Jared went tô juiz de fora to pick him up.

Are you speaking English in the house? 

We dont speak english in the house.

 The young man in the photo, Gabriel, is a member here and he is 16 years old.  He works at the Dominos next to our house and will go with us to teach people. The river in the photo I think is called Paraiba river. It is a huge river that runs through the middle of the city

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