Monday, March 20, 2017

A big box and upcoming Zone Conference 03.27.2017

OI tudo bem!

     This week has gone a little bit better than the last one. Elder Crandall and I are finding people to teach and are working more with the members. The members here are amazing. They are always helping with car rides and with food. We are starting up more activities in the ward and they are being well attended. We now have basketball Wednesday, soccer Friday, and volleyball Saturday. And I am teaching English and giving violin lessons on Saturdays as well. It is great to strengthen the members and integrate recent converts and investigators. 

     This week there has been a lot of knocking doors again. We are a little stretch on people to teach. We are using these activities though to really cling onto the investigators that we have and integrate them ASAP.  We have had some success in a new neighborhood called Vila Central. The people that live there are called "nobres". They aren't rich, but they have a better place in life. And they have a bit more time to talk with us. 

I got a big box package!! It was from brother springer that you had put stuff in. It had an oreo cheesecake mix, muffin mix, and brownie mix, along with some clothes and other fun things.   I ate the muffins this morning. We don't have a muffin tin, so I made a muffin cake. Those chocolate wafer things are delicious as well. The ties were good, and I like the socks. The Pumas are comfortable, and the USA flag is great. I will have to pick the right time to use it.

Tomorrow will be zone conference in Volta Redondo. It should be good to see Elder Johnson who is in this zone. And the next transfers are coming up in 3 weeks.  Oh, and when I talked with Elder Goodrich he says that he is sending a lot and already knows how to use his camera. So I didn't pester him about it

     Another thing that we are doing is practicing for a talent show. The missionaries will be dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller... It is going to be really funny. We have our ward mission leader and some investigators dancing with us. We are hoping it will animate everybody. 

This week we heard a talk from the stake council in ward conference. He taught us that God wants us to grow financially and spiritually at the same time. We shouldn't raise one higher than the other. This gospel is a gospel of progression. We learn and grow and then are given another task that we have to learn again and we will grow more. At first, it was weird to think that God wants us to be "rich", but then it made sense. If we are rich and then hold to our values we will be able to help other people.  Where much is given, much is required.  We can use that "richness" to bless others.

And yeah that is pretty much all I have to say.  Yeah, until next week.

Elder Smith

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