Monday, March 27, 2017

Moving on 03.27.2017

Hey Everyone,

     This week was a little bitter sweet. There have been a ton of activities at the ward. We have basketball on Thursday's, soccer on Friday's, and volleyball on Saturday's. I am still giving English classes and I started giving a violin class to a few people that asked. The ward is really excited and happy to be doing things. It is the perfect environment to bring in investigators and reactivate some people. 

     The week started out with a Zone Conference with the president. It was awesome and I always leave meetings with the president feeling excited and ready to work. He talked about what type of missionaries we wanted to be. If we would let a bad week affect us, or if we will bounce back. He talked about resilience and used the example of a sponge and a piece of paper. When something happens to the piece of paper it will never return to how it was, but a sponge will always return to its old shape. We should be like a sponge and bounce back after bad things. We don't control what happens to us, but we do control how we will react. 


   I left the zone conference feeling ready to go. And then I started working here and it wasn't going too well. A lot of appointments fell through, then Elder Alves got a migraine and we had to stay in the house a bit, and it just didn't go really well. I am in a kind of drought right now with the preaching, but I know that this week will be a lot better. We have been working a lot with the members to find new people and have made a few lists that we will go and contact. So I am excited for this week.

          Oh and this last Sunday we had a ward BBQ that was amazing. We played imaginary, had a guitar sing-along thing going, and lots of good food. It was awesome. A few investigators and a new member Joao Vitor showed up as well. He was baptized this Saturday by Elder Crandall and Elder Jared. 

My testimony has increased a lot in terms of this has to be the true church out there. When I am seeing people go to the church and participate in the activities and see them change for the better and be happy. At the ward BBQ I was so happy and joking with everyone it was great. I still have some struggles with feeling the little promptings of the Spirit, but it is clear now when I the difference when I am feeling the Spirit. Even when things aren't going well and I am still feeling the Spirit it is a testimony for me. 

Ele e´ a gente fino.

Elder Smith

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