Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference Weekend 04.01.2017

Hey everyone,

     This week was pretty good if I do say so myself. After getting a pep up talk from Elder Jared I set out to work a little better more and smarter. It was good that I got to have this talk with him that morning, because that night he was transferred by emergency to Juiz De Fora. Now we have Elder Castele with us and he is pretty chill. The week went much better than others and then we had General Conference. 

     This General Conference was the best one that I can remember. I watched the first session of each day in Portuguese and then the second one in English with Elder Crandall. The Saturday sessions were especially good. I especially liked Elder Renlund's talk about compassion, and Elder Holland's talk about your spot in the choir.  He made a reference so basic, but so true that it really touched me. I can be that spot in the choir and I need to bring others into this choir that won't leave. Then Elder Costa gave a great talk about his conversion and why peole talk with the missionaries that was awesome for investigators watching. Then my favorite talk by Elder Palmer came up. He had such love when he talked about what he had learned as a mission president and the way that we need to view everyone. Just a shout out to anyone who didn't get the memo the second coming is close. The whole Saturday sessions were talking about changing now to be ready because it isn't too far off. Before watching Conference I thought 200 years, but now I think it is much closer. Don't procrastinate the day of your repentance. 
       Conference was awesome, and I am excited to get to work. I am doing fine out here and planting seeds everywhere I go. I don't remember who gave the talk but someone this conference talked about being that light on the hill. And just because of doing things right people will be drawn unto you and want that light that you have. That is my goal for this mission. 

You mentioned a soccer night?  You've been able to play soccer?

We organized a soccer activity at the church, but no we are not allowed to play. But i have kicked a ball around a few times and then stepped back out. 

What advice to did you get for your feet?

I still haven't gone yet. I think that the rest I got from conference has helped because the pain went down. But sister Lacerda said to try and work within 3 kilometers of the church to help with my feet as well as it is guidance from the apostles.

Do they do anything for April fools in Brazil?  

They say that they do stuff it is a day of lies in Brazil, but it was conference for us so nothing much happened.

Should I send a copy of General Conference on a flash drive in the next package?  English or Portuguese?

I won't be needing these talks. I have a good grasp of Portuguese and heard it all. I watched the first session of each day in Portuguese and then the second session of each day in English. If I want to I can enter the site of the church and download the talks from here, Tthanks though. 

What was your favorite talk at Conference?  Why exactly?  Did you get your question answered?

My favorite talk was from Mark Palmer. That guy after Costa who was amazing to help investigators that we brought. Elder Palmer talked with such clarity and advice, that it felt that he was talking to everyone. To be honest i got a desire to be a mission president after hearing his talk. Love is what compels us to do everything. If we dont have a love for the people we wont work to serve them.

Until next week.

-Elder Smith

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