Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Easter Week. 04.10.2017

Hey everyone, 

     This has been my favorite week in the mission field until this point. The last week ended on a high note with general conference, and that same spirit followed me to this next week. I am starting to have more success and I am learning how much I can love people that I just met, or have never met.

  Oh but the talk with he kids was really cool. It was pretty much a question and answer session for 2 hours with different classes. It was cool because we had a little tour first and all the kids, especially the girls, crowded us and I was answering so many questions I had a hard time eating a piece of cake and drinking some juice. I don't want to be famous. Not ever. It was a school in Itatiai and the teacher tried to take us to the national park early because we had a little time, but he didn't have enough cash and they didn't accept credit cards. But in the end we got back to our area at 1:00 and then helped the bishop set up some furniture for his new business.

This is a river just outside the National Park was beautiful over there.

     This Tuesday we did a service project with the bishop which was setting up a bunch of chairs, tables, and closets. It took all of Tuesday and a little of Wednesday. Then we had a division because of the baptism interview of a girl named Marcia here that Elder Alves went to do. I went with Elder Crandell in his area and he got to be the senior companion. It was good working with him and the huge spirit he has because of just leaving the MTC. He is amazing and we just talk and laugh a lot. 

    Then on Thursday was another division with Elder Crandall but this time in my area. We went crazy and got better numbers than the last 3 days combined. We were knocking on doors and talking with everyone in the road. Elder Crandall doesn't have shame about making any contact. He stands up in the front of the bus to talk to everyone, in front of the mall, and even stopped a double date to make contacts. Yeah, I didn't like the last one, but he says he won't ever see them in his life again, so just do it. Then we had a FHE at Bruno´s house( our ward mission leader) and it was awesome. We ate salgados and laughed a ton. I told the story about how Elder Silva asked if he could have one of my awesome stance socks and I said yes. But I wasn't there and he asked which one. I said he could have the orange one, and when I got to the house at the end of the day he took the USA flag with a little tiny orange stripe on the toe instead of the whole orange sock. I was really mad and we got it all settled, but it is a really funny story. 

     Friday and Saturday were normal days with the normal sports activities at nights. They are a huge success to bring members and nonmembers. The night of playing basketball we had missionaries and one Durotel (a really funny member that loves basketball) and we lit it up. We were playing in white shirts and tie and Durotel, Crandal, and I had some sick plays for 3 points. Then at the end Elder Castela who has never played in his life threw up a clutch 3 and wwon'tstop talking about it. 

     Sunday was really relaxed with a seminar about how to set up a LDS account and do family history work at the church. But this was the fast sunday and everyone was bearing their testimony about prayer. How, through prayer, we can talk with our Heavenly Father and know His will for us and make correct decisions. Then we made some contacts in the street and had another FHE lined up. I really love this area and don't want to leave. Transfers are today, but I wont hear about it until after I finish emailing. They are late today. 

What things have your learned/experienced on the mission that you can see being helpful for the rest of your life, or life when you return?

Well, there has already been a lot of things, but here are a few. I thought I was really patient before the mission and still think I am, but it is being tested. I am learning a lot how to deal with people and how to talk things out. I am also learning better how to negotiate. So that should help later in life.

Did you go to the Doctor for your feet??  I sent insoles on Wednesday in a package...maybe you'll get it this month?

I still haven't gone. I don't think I will to be honest. My feet aren't hurting that bad, but if they get worse I will go. 

What is music like in your ward?  Does everyone sing?  Does it sound good?  Have you had to help with music?

Music in the ward is good and bad. Everyone sings really loud, but there aren't a lot of good singers... And we only have a piano player one or two times every month, because she travels a lot. I have played with the choir two times in sacrament meeting, but besides that no.

Do you all still sleep in the same room now that it's cooled down?  Or maybe you only have the one bedroom house now...I can't recall.

Yes we still sleep in the same room, but it is cool enough to set up the bunk beds so we now have space. 

When was the last time you laughed with your companion and why?  What makes you laugh in your area?  How do you stay light hearted?

I have laughed every day with my companion or with someone in the ward or the other missionaries here. This week there were two FHE and I laughed until I died because of stories and the way people act. I have opened up a lot more and am laughing a ton with the young single members, and one newly wed. I really don't want to leave this area. I am working, having fun, and have more that I want to accomplish here. I want to baptize a man named Robson, and reactivate a man named Tiago that will be the bishop some day if he returns. Transfers are today, but they aren't saying anything until after the assistants have lunch.... I am really nervous. I want to stay here at least 2 more transfers.

Until next week!

-Elder Smith

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