Monday, February 13, 2017

P-day fun...military style 02.6.2017

***(Ethan ran out of time to email this week because of his tour of the military school.  He did email the family, so this email is from what he told us.  No spiritual stuff in this one...he usually reports on that in his letter to everyone)

Yeah so right after email last p-day I withdrew what money was in my account and bought that violin, cake, stuff to have good hamburgers, and some things here and there. I bought a lot of pizza as well. My birthday was a little sad to be honest, I kinda was a little slow to leave the house and it didn't help that we didn't have lunch that day, but eventually I went out there and started to work. All is good now and I have a nice little violin to mess around with. I am jealous that you guys had cheesecake. I really missed having cheesecake for my birthday, I only had regular cake. 

 So this week there has been lots of rain and it always is accompanied by boom thunder. The nights however are terribly hot. The last two nights no one slept well. My nice little cool pillow helps a lot to get to sleep but after it warms up I wake up again. We have two fans now in our room, but it is just an oven. Last night wasnt too bad, but it is hot during the night as well.   So i have no idea about the weather here or what season we are arriving at. I just work with whatever I have. And birthdays here are celebrated big here as well. I got a few presents and the sister missionaries in my district called me and sang happy birthday. So it wasnt too bad. Oh and because of my birthday I got more emails so it is good now. 

     The military school thing was cool in all, but I don't think the military life is for me. It does have really good benefits and everyone there that passes are really strong. There were some cool stained glass art, and it also had some artillery and weaponry from WWII. A member from Manejo took us on a little tour.

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