Monday, February 13, 2017

You say Valentines, I say Zone Conference 02.13.2017

How´s it going everyone?

     This week there have been lots of activities. We are having an English class here every Wwednesday and Saturday. I had 18 students so that was crazy. The plan that I had made was not built for that many people and it kinda got a little crazy near the end when I ran out of ideas. But I am starting to get the hang of it. These lessons are doing well because we had 3 investigators and 2 less actives there. We are hoping that we will integrate everyone a bit more with these activities. 

We also had a volleyball activity Saturday night and we had 20 people with 8 investigators. Actually they were friends of a member, but we were able to get a few addresses to visit some of them. 

     As for the normal work it is going well too. We are still walking everywhere in the heat and finding new people to teach. Two good investigators that I have are because of the English class and their names are Thalis and Jerry. They are people that really want to know the answers and find the truth, but are having a little bit of a difficulty understanding authority. We are working with them though, and they are progressing. Then there is a less active Pedro Lukas that is super smart and asks questions about the politics of the United states, and he only has 10 years. He was really easy to reactivate because he just needs someone to go with him. We are working with his entire family to get them to go as well.  When we arrived the ward had a frequency of 55 people every week and this last sunday we had 83 people there. It was a good feeling. 

     Tomorrow will be zone conference, but this time President Lacerda will be there and will be interviewing everyone. To be honest I am really excited for this meeting. I don't know many of the people in this zone, but with President Lacerda it is always a good meeting. So I am in the Volta Redonda zone in the Cententario District. There are 8 missionaries in this district. I don't have a ton of time so this will be it. Thanks for all the letters that I got form everyone, most of them were from Christmas, so yeah it took forever to arrive. 

Until next week!

Elder Smith

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