Monday, April 24, 2017

Aliens were here...04.24.2017

Hey everyone,

     So I am really liking the city here. The hills aren't too bad, and there are alien themed things everywhere so it is cool. If you google Vargihna Brazil and alien you'll see the story of how the government captured an alien in 1996 here.

  The work is going along really well and we just met with our Ward Mission Leader and have the full support of him as well as a really rich member called Antonio Carlos that said he will help with whatever activity we are wanting to do. So we are putting together some killer activities. The people of Minas Gerais (the state) are really ready to accept hearing a message, but acting on it is rough. It is easy to get the first lesson but to get the second one is a fight. 

     This week was pretty relaxed. We had the district meeting where we talked about covenants. And what we need to do to get the blessing from the Lord. In specific we talked about keeping our houses totally clean and organized as well as keeping good thoughts there. That our houses really should be temples. That we must be able to feel the spirit in everything that we do there. It was a good meeting.

     I am the companion of the District Leader so we have to do a bunch of interviews. We had to walk an hour and a half to do a baptism interview of an investigator of the sisters and he passed and was baptized the next day. Then we had another baptism interview at the church, but the guy didn't show up. Maybe next week. We have been trying to get the second visits with a bunch of investigators, but it has been walking there to find no one and then to another house with no one home. This Saturday we had 16 appointments but only one was home. It was a little rough I won't lie, but it's all good. This is a new week.

     This Sunday I had to give the lesson in elders quorum. It was based on Elder Bednar´s talk about If We Could Know Christ. I tried to translate because I had it in Portuguese. In Portuguese, it is "se voce me conheceseis a mim". But it talks about if we say that we know Christ and that we have accepted him in our life, or if we are trying to get to know it every day. if we are trying to imitate what he does, we will gain the gift of faith, charity, and develop more christlike attributes. It was a good talk and an interesting experience. Until next week!

-Elder Smith

What district are you in?  When is your next zone and district conference?

 I am now in the Varginha district. It is one of the biggest districts in the mission. There are 4 elders and 8 sisters. The next zone conference is tomorrow and we paid a van to take us there and bring us back. we will be leaving at 2 am in the morning... It is 6 hours by van I think

Do you serve with sisters?  Have you in any area you've been in?

Yes, we serve with sisters. This will be the first time that I will see the sisters outside of zone conferences. There are two branches in the chapel here. The 4 elders at 9:30 and the 4 sisters at 9:00. They start with sacrament meeting. 

What attribute of the Savior are you developing or wanting to develop? 

This week we have been talking a lot about charity. That charity doesn't even suspect wrong. When I read that it made me think. As well about when a homeless person in front of a supermarket asked for a liter of milk and Elder Sousa went in and paid for it. He said that he can't deny these things for people. If he has the means he will help because he imagines what it would be like to be hungry or thirsty and not have a way to quench those needs. It made me reflect alot.

p.s. Someone thought I was Brazilian yesterday and I was really happy.

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