Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day...or Brazilian Labor Day 05.01.2017

Hey everyone!
     So this week started off a little crazy with the Mission President saying that our zone and the next zone would have to travel to Juiz de Fora for a zone conference. Generally it is in the zone, but he wanted to meet with all the zones in one week so we had to go. Most of the zone didn't have money to go so we scrambled to get a two vans to bring everyone there and it worked out. We just had to leave at 2 a.m. in the morning to arrive there at 9... It was tiring but worth it.The meeting was really good. I got to see Elder Ricks and Elder Kaiser which was good. The 12 hours in a van wasn't that great, but it wasn't horrible. President Lacerda is trying to excite everyone. There weren't many baptisms this month and he wants us to realize why we are here and the best way to work with the spirit. It was good. 

    Once we returned to Varginha we got to work trying out a new neighborhood called Padre Vitor. It is a little bit more humble and it seems to be going well. We met some good people and marked return visits for this week. We are working with a few people right now called Joice, Rosana, Joao Paulo, Joao, Cida, Ramon, Andre, and Milani. 

I don't have a ton of time today because it is a holiday (Day of the workers) which is funny because no one works on this day and the LAN houses are closed. So we are taking turns with 8 missionaries using the church computers. So let's just pray for them.
     Friday we didn't do much because we had to grab a train and go to Tres Pontos to do a baptism interview. Then the sisters had 2 baptisms that night and the next day Elder Messias and Elder Ramos had a baptism. Which was a little stressed because the baptism clothing went messing and we spent an hour trying to find one, but in the end it all worked out. 

    Sunday was really relaxed and had a good talk in sacrament meeting. A member told the story of how he went bought a boat and went boating for the first time with some friends. There was a guide in the front, two friends and then him. During the day it was perfect to boat on the river and he could see all the turns and twists and dead wood. But when night came he realized that he had forgotten a lantern. But it was alright because the guide boat had a spotlight. Well he stayed close to the guide but after a bit of time he fell behind. Then he had the light of the other boats to keep going, but he fell behind them too. He said that he was really afraid because he had no light to guide him and he was hitting a lot of bumps. In the end it was all right, but he made this analogy. The church is like this big light to help guide us. When we leave the church for a bit it isn't like being lost. If we still have some leaders visiting us, friends with good morals to talk with, we can still follow the path. But there will come a time when we can't follow them because they are moving faster than we can because we didn't prepare for the trip. We have to prepare our own light and stick close to the others to not get lost. It was a good story. 

Then at night we met with the ward mission leader to get some activities going. Right now is cleaning the church with soccer and a BBQ. There are a lot of people here and I will go and eat some good food. 

Until next week!
-Elder Smith

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