Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Life is so good!! 05.08.2017

Hello everyone!!

First off we went fishing today with a member, had a great BBQ, and then went to a Cristo Redentor replica thing that is actually bigger than the one in Rio, but it isn't on a hill and took some awesome pictures. Because of that I am late to email. 
This transfer will be a little different. They will tell everyone where they will be going Saturday night, Monday people will actually leave, and then Tuesday will be p-day. I will have to travel to Juiz de Fora again, but we have a van so it will be alright. And this time we get to leave at 8 and not 2 am. The entire mission will be there, but i don't know if it will be combined. Last time there were 4 sessions. There are like 6 different houses in Juiz de Fora so there is enough room for people that have to stay if there isn't another option, but I will be leaving in the morning and returning late the same night. I don't know if some people will stay the night, because we are the farthest zone. 
Right now we are teaching Joice, Milani, Francisco, Dora, Angelica, Christian, maria, Paulo, and Joao. Those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.  This week we were looking for less-actives and we knocked on a door and they had already moved. But we ended up teaching a couple that are engaged that went really well. They listened to our message, and were a little interested, but when they asked about our normal life here they became even more interested because of the sacrifices that we make. That there aren't many youth willing to do this with their lives and put it on hold. It was a reminder of the power that we have for being young and committed to missionary work.

My feet are doing better. They definitely don't hurt like they used to. Overall I am doing really well.  There are a lot of funny things and spiritual things happening. One thing that happened is that when we rented a van to take us to Juiz De Fora for zone conference the driver was falling asleep and literally sleeping for part of the journey, but a missionary that has a gift to see the other world saw a lot of angels protecting the van and it makes sense why we didn't crash. Then the other day a truck wasn't lucky as a I witnessed a truck run into a parked semi and the passenger didn't have a seat belt on and her head hit the windshield and left a huge dent. She didn't die but was disoriented. Another reminder to use a seat belt.

Oh yeah the light setup is the baptism symbol here in Brazil. There are 3 curves for the father, son, and the holy ghost, and the last arrow is the person entering the water.

We had a great activity this week.  A night of pastries.  We had a lot of the ward there and it was a huge success.

What are testimony meetings like in your ward?  Previous wards?

The testimony meetings are pretty much exactly the same. There isnt much delay inbetween everybody, but if there is we go up, as missionaries, and bear testimony and that usually gets things started again.

What is the name of the ward you're in?

The name of the Branch I am in is Sion. In the chapel there are two branches. Ours Sion, and the other is Varginha.

So it still isn't confirmed the time for my Mother's Day Skype. We will be going to a Member´s house, Antonio Carlos, in the afternoon. He will be getting back from traveling sometime in the afternoon. I think we will have lunch and then go to his house, so I am thinking about noon Utah time.  I can't wait to talk with my family!

Elder Smith

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