Monday, May 22, 2017

Elder and Sister Bassett mission tour 05.22.2017

Hey everyone,

     So this week was really hectic. It started off with Monday being a normal day because p-day was moved to Tuesday. We went to Antonio Carlos´s work where he gave a little training about how to be a successful missionary. He had commented about a training he got on his mission that helped him baptize more and we asked him to pass it on to us. It was pretty much about making high goals and then trying to hit them. Because when you have low goals and you can hit them in the middle of the week the rest of the week you wont work as hard. Instead, this way if one person actually hits this high goal you will start to think that you can as well because he isn't better than you and then you will do it as well. This starts a competitive process that will lift up the whole mission. It was good. Then, that night we had a FHE with a bunch of people from the branch to send Elder Messias off to his last area. It was great.

     The next day was p-day and we went to the city of suits and ties. It is literally a huge street with really cheap suits. But as my mom knows I have a knack for picking out the most expensive thing without knowing. There were good suits for $40 and I happened to like the only one there for $140. So I put it back on the rack and just went and bought some sweet ties and a new pair of pants. Everything social there is way cheap. 

    The next day we went by van to Juiz de Fora for a fireside with Elder Basset and then a mission tour. In the fireside Elder Basset talked about how the standards of the world are getting lower and lower, but the standards of God are always the same. And even if we think we are doing better than the world in general we aren't getting closer to the standard of God like we should be. That night we slept in a hotel paid for by the mission. It was great.

    The next day was the mission tour. It was crazy busy with a picture, actually meeting, lunch, flu shots, and then another hour van ride home. Elder Basset talked about our purpose as missionaries and how we need to have an eternal perspective and not just think about the baptism. The way that he led the mission tour was like a deep study. It was really good. 

At the mission tour I got to see everyone that I was hoping to. I didn't get to converse a ton with them because it was really busy, but I saw them all and had a little talk with everyone. The photos from there are really lacking.  I think I took 2 in total. Just to show you how busy things really were. That picture that you are seeing was organized two times because the first time we were missing a zone, and took 2 hours of staying in the same spot. But in the end it turned out well. It is really funny though that Sister Lacerda told everyone to wear blue and there are two sisters in the front with bright yellow!! 

    The next few days was a lot of work without much results but we have 2 baptisms marked for this SaturdayToday I will be relaxing. I have had enough activity this week and my last p-days were good. Sadly the guitar that was borrowed had to be sent back, but I am just messing with the violin right now. As for right now there should still be 2 baptisms this Saturday. Luciana and Julia brought two friends with them to church as well this Sunday that we are going to be teaching tomorrow which is great. The only problem is that the two friends aren't married, so that can slow the process down a bit. But we will see what happens. The vibes are good in the house right now. All is going well. Elder Wilson has been out 1 year and 2 months. He was crazy to leave the mission home and get to the field again. So he is really happy that he is here.  

I am out of time so I will cut the message here. 

Until next week.
-Elder Smith


Who lives in the house now?

Right now I am living with Elder Sousa, Ramos, and Wilson. Only Elder Messias left.

Immunizations at conference??  Did you get shots?

I got the flu shot. 

What were some impressions you got from Elder and Sister Bassett and their visit?

Elder and Sister Basset were really good. It was more him teaching us how to study and reminding us about what we need to teach our investigators and that our purpose should be in the long run about the temple and not just about baptism. It was a much different mission tour than the last one. 

Is the hymnbook the same in the same hymns we sing?

It is the same hymns, but the order is a bit different because they don't have all of the same hymns that we do. Their hymn book goes until 220 or so. The songs have the same rhythms and melodies, but sometimes the wording is really different.

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