Monday, May 29, 2017

Not Memorial Day here 05.29.2017

Hey everyone,
     So this week went by really fast. I am not even sure what I did to be honest. It was pretty much a normal week. It was a lot of walking though. We had to go to a lot of distant neighborhoods because there were some references and really good contacts plus baptism interviews.
     The beginning of the week we worked with a teen called Gabriel who just got back from Curto Praza, which is serving a short term 3 month mission to see if your body holds up and if you like the mission experience and he got back really excited. He spent a whole day with us showing old investigators and where less-actives live. He helped a lot and will be helping us out again tomorrow on the hunt for more less-actives. 
      Right now we have a few investigators. Thauna, still Luciana Julia, Marciel, Alexander, Rafaela, Joao, and Sabrina are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head. There is a new neighborhood that opened up called Novo Tempo and we are starting to work there. Wednesday we went there, but not to much success because everyone was working on putting walls up around their houses. It looked like an ant colony working.
     We spent a lot of time this week going to the house of Luciana and Julia for their baptisms this Saturday and they were really excited and ready. Then Friday something happened with Luciana's hair salon and we didn't see her so the interview was set for the next day. The next day she wasn't as excited and Julia wasn't even home and said that Julia didn't want to be baptized right now. Luciana wants to be baptized with her daughter and said that she would talk with Julia that night and before church Sunday would be their baptism. Well she didn't show up and when we went to her house she wasn't there, so that sucked. Tomorrow we will go back there and see if we can find out what happened. 
       This week I had a great experience.  When I was teaching a 18 year old girl named Thauna I had a gift of tongues moment when I was trying to see her point of view on religion and why she doesn't frequent one, but goes to a few every once in a while and words just spilled out of my mouth so that was pretty cool. We will be returning there tomorrow as well. 
       So to answer your question about what is my favorite lesson to teach a investigator, I don't have one. It is more or less the same thing for me to teach a lesson. I like the friendships and the changes in the lives of the investigators when they apply the gospel in their lives, but I cant say I have a favorite lesson. I think i still have a spiritual weakness, because it is hard to tell exactly went he spirit is speaking in the lessons unless it is really strong. But one thing that I can say without a doubt is that I can feel the spirit testify every time that I teach about the first vision. 
      This Sunday a member named Camila gave a really good talk about gratitude. She taught that we need to show more gratitude for the little things in life that happen. For what our moms do for us, when our brothers or sisters help us with homework, for when our teachers give us a little extra help to pass a test. Literally everything that happens should be a reason for us to give thanks. If we don't give thanks then we are taking things for granted and it wont continue happening. So give thanks for everything that we have. 

Until next week!
-Elder Smith 

The ice cream that you are seeing is acai, with a pineapple mousse. It was delicious.

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