Monday, June 5, 2017

Happy Summer to you all 06.05.2017

Hey everyone,

     This week has passed really fast. I don't have a ton to talk about because I literally don't remember what all happened. However, I know that we have been working a lot with the members here and they are starting to give references and walk in the street with us to make visits. It is really good. 

     The best thing that happened this week though was that we had an activity called Lehi´s Dream. We got a lot of 3 colors of string and we made 3 paths with the string. It started behind the church in the soccer court and we had the members climb hills go around chairs, crawl under a table and much more. In the end we had prepared 3 rooms for people to go to. Each room was a different kingdom. In the Telestial kingdom their was water and salt crackers, in the Terestrial there was rolls and juice, and in the Celestial Kingdom there was cake, fruits, soda, and everything good. The role of the missionaries was to lead everyone to the Telestial kingdom and it went well. We may have lost a little trust of the members but it was worth it! jk. But I led people by hand to the Terestrial. In the end we had hot dogs for everyone so everyone left with a belly full.
     The rest of the week was pretty normal. We found a family that has a lot of potential. Their names are Leandro, Katia, and Alice. They didn't know anything about the church, but a member had worked with Katia before and I happened to make a contact with Leandro, the husband. When we went there we taught the Restoration and it went well. This week we will return there. But I will have to go to Juiz de Fora and will lose 3 days of work to renew my visa, but I think it is worth not getting deported. 
Spiritual thought of the week:

Don't be afraid to talk about the church or about what you believe with others. This Sunday a member had just comented about the church to one of his work friends and the friend, Thalles, showed up to at church Sunday and loved it. It was funny because the member that had talked to him about the church wasn't even there, but he really liked the church. You don't know the impact of a simple testimony has on people.

Did we send a mosquito net with you?  If so, did you ever use it?

You did send a mosquito net with me, but i never used it. One there isnt many mosquitos particularly in this mission, like i dont even have to use bug spray. And all the walls are made of concrete so it didnt work to hang it up with the supports that it had so i left it in Uba. yeah...

Is 1 sweater enough?  I saw you wearing it in a you use it??

Well it wasnt really cold here until 3 weeks ago. I dont usually use the sweater to work, but i use it in the mornings. It was bad luck because i traded my really warm adidas rainjacket for a workout system thing when messias was transferred and now it is a bit cold. I could use one more in the next package, but it isnt a huge rush, but if you send one a light grey cardagan would be really cool. That kind with buttons and a v-neck. 

Are you required to do a certain amount of service each week in your mission?  What kind of service do you do?

We are not required to do any service. If something pops up we just offer our service and help out. In Varginha there hasn't been any service opportunities yet.   I actually like doing service projects, because you get that little break from just walking and finding people to teach and teach them. But in the 3 cities ai have served in there hasn't been a single library, but one time the branch did a service project at a nursing home. But really my mission doesn't have a lot of service no.

What do you do when you are feeling discouraged or like things aren't working out?

Generally i take a little break and just sit on the curb of the street in the shade, go eat some acai, or visit a member. Just do something to have a mental reset.

I've lost track of transfers...when is the next one? 

We are in the middle of this transfer. In 3 weeks will be the next transfer. 

I also read in Elder Rick's email that you will be renewing your visa.  Does that mean you'll travel to Juiz de Fora again soon?

I will be going to Juiz de Fora tomorrow and will get back Thursday at night. So yeah i have to go to Juiz de Fora again... Which wouldn't be a huge problem, but it makes it hard to check in with our investigators and be a constant presence, and I am waiting for reimbursement.  It may take 3 days because I will go in the afternoon, the next day I will have to do the whole renewal process, and then leave the next day in the afternoon because of the bus schedule. Maybe I get back in 2 days, but it is unlikely.  When I do get back I will have to go to 3 Pontas to do a baptism interview with Elder Wilson so there will be a lot of traveling. But it will be really good seeing some of those guys from the CTM. I think I will see everyone minus Nichols. He already had his visa renewed. 

 Until next week!
-Elder Smith

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