Monday, June 26, 2017

Another transfer 06.26.2017

Hey everyone,

     So this last week was pretty great. We have been working a lot to find new investigators and help our current ones. We were working a lot with 2 in particular Analisa and Pedro. They both had baptism dates for this Saturday so we passed by every day. Analisa was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday! Pedro would have been baptized but his grandpa died the day of the baptism and he was really upset and didn't want to talk much with anyone or be baptized. He passed the baptismal interview and everything, but this week wasn't his time.
     It was great because we had the baptism of Analisa at 5:30 and then a stake activity at 7:00. It was an activity that the missionaries had to pretty much plan everything and it worked out well. President Lacerda came and spoke about how lucky we are to have a living prophet, apostles and leaders in the church and how they can help us if we support them. Then we did a play of 4 friends in the pre-existence going to earth. Two friends being born in families living the gospel and then the other two the opposite. The two that were born in the covenant served a mission and were companions and found their old friends and baptized them. It was pretty spiritual and funny at the same time. Then we sang Bring the World His Truth and I played the violin. 

    This Sunday there was a special sacrament meeting where the two wards that share the same building were united. There they announced that the two wards would be joined forming one ward. It was packed with 140 people. They released all of the leaders and called the new bishopric. The missionaries that were leaving the mission ended up going to our ward as well. So I got to see 8 missionaries leaving the mission and talk with them a bit. I knew 7 of the 8. Then that night they passed out the transfer information and I will be going to Nova Friburgo after just 2 weeks here in Juiz de Fora. I didn't expect that at all. but I will be the companion of Elder Cruz. I have no idea who he is. I will also be the District Leader there.  I will leave the house with 3 Americans to go to another house with 3 Brazilians. I knew it was too good to be true ;)   So my new area isn't that far away. I think it is 4 hours by bus. But I will have to use 3 buses to get there and the hours that they arrive at the stations are off. So I will be leaving at 10:15 in the morning and will get there 8:30 at night. So another whole day of traveling!

Today I will not be doing much. I just want to relax, pack my bags, and relax some more. We are going to celebrate the baptisms with some all you can eat pizza later on and I will pass by a guitar store to look at the prices of things. If it is cheap I will probably buy one. I am messing with my bags to fit the violin in the big suitcase and then put the guitar on my back. I am a little tired of packing up a ton of stuff so I am leaving a few things in this house.

Someone told me they only have sacrament meeting some places in Brazil.  Have you experienced this? 

 I have not experienced this. Every branch or ward has sacrament meeting, but some don't have the other classes after.

What package did you get last week?  The one I sent doesn't show that it's arrived yet...

It was a false package. Kaiser saw that there was a package for Elder Smith, but it was for the other smith...

What was the occasion for the Facebook video of the violin accompaniment on the mission site?  It was awesome!

We had a stake activity that the missionaries planned and we had some presentations. That video was after the activity because president wanted to record it. But the original was better and had other components. 

How often do you write in your journal these days?

Funny that you ask I just wrote today, but the last entry was may 30... I am really bad at this while writing thing.

Do you bless the sacrament or teach classes in the branches you've served in very often?  Speak?  Bare testimony?  Music?

I had to teach and bless sacrament a little bit in Varginha, I spoke my first Sunday here in Juiz de Fora but forgot to write about that, and I have played violin with some choirs here and there.

Until next week.

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