Saturday, August 5, 2017

One year down...07.31.2017

Hey everyone,

     This week has been great. We have been running to try and follow up with all of our investigators. This week as well we had 2 baptisms and the other dupla had 1. Daniel and Yanca were baptized. We have been working with them for 5 weeks already. They are siblings and we are working with the rest of the familly still. This Sunday as well we had 10 investigators at church: Lara (sister of Daniel and Yanca), Joao (their cousin), Fabiana and Ronaldo (the parents)  Jerson and his son Leandro, Renata, Romulo, Thaisa, and Emilee (another family). Almost all of these people have a baptism date for this week, so we will be running to try and prepare them this week. Please pray for them. Oh and don't forget Maria who would have been baptized Saturday but had to travel so she will be baptized this week. 

     Thursday we had a killer Family home evening with the family of Renate and Romulo with the Stake president. We showed 3 videos. The first was the Bible video of Christ calling the fishermen to be fishers of men, the second was when the rich young man asked Christ what he needed to do to inherit the kingdom of heaven, and then Thomas S Monson's talk about decisions, how if we don't have a destination in mind than it doesn't matter what choices we make. We used these videos to show them how Christ calls everyone, but we need to accept his call and that the fisherman, without knowing who Christ was, followed him because of the Spirit. The young rich man wanted to follow, but wouldn't give up his earthly treasures, but the same invitation was made to him. All of this focused on recognizing the Spirit and then acting. It was really spiritual and people cried. It was a great FHE.

     This Sunday the Patriarch of the stake gave a great talk of the responsibility of members and how we can't be sitting in the last days. How we have to do our part. Our part is doing family history, spreading the gospel, and living the standards of the church. We can't just go to church sit there and then leave and forget everything. We have to use the meetings Sunday as a battery recharge and then go and get things done. It was a really good talk. Well, the mission is great, I am learning a lot, and my time is up. 

Do you have the hangers we sent for the CTM or did you leave them there?  Did you need them?

Yes I still use those hangers that I brought, and it is probably good that I brought them. Some houses have tons of extra hangers, but others have none at all. 

Will you be burning a shirt this week for your official 1 year mark?  Any other traditions for the anniversary?

I will burn a shirt this week for sure. That is the only tradition that I will do, but we baptized 2 and the others baptized one this week and I said if we baptized 3 I would buy pizza, so I will combine that celebration with the 1-year mark.

Do you go bye the church much?  You haven't sent photos from the church in a while.

I live next door to the church. Literally 30sec to get there, but I always forget or in the rush of things don't have time to send them. We have been bringing 8-10 investigators to church these last few weeks and have been running to talk to everyone at the end of meetings as well as arrange a ride with a member to get to lunch.

Where do you do your email time in Nova Friburgo?

In a LAN house close to the bus station.

What is the craziest thing someone has said to you when you are tracting?

Umm, I have no idea. Maybe I am already saved? Someone told us that they don't need to talk with us because they already knew that they would be saved. Then there are drunk people that always talk with us. People yelling random phrases in English when I pass them, and other things. 

Do you clap your hands or knock on doors?

I do both. Most of the time I clap my hands.

Until next week!

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