Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The work is progressing...08.07.2017

Hey everyone,

     So this week was really good. It had lots of walking and a baptism at the end. We were working with 9 people that could have been baptized this last Saturday and they live in 2 locations that are 1 hour away from the other. So we were running a lot. Everyone progressed, but only Maria baptized this week. The others we made a plan for them to baptize in the next few weeks. Transfers also happened, but I will be staying here with Elder Cruz for the next 6 weeks. Elder Rufo and Elder Gutierrez will be in the house as well. So no changes happened here. This week I also officially passed the one year mark. We celebrated that, as well as the baptisms, with pizza. 

     There aren't any new things that happened this week because we only passed in the houses of those 9 people. Oh, but we had a service project at a members house that he is building. He has a lot of land and it is overgrown with weeds and little trees. We spent 4 hours there trying to fight against the jungle. I started out the day with a scythe and Elder Cruz with the weed wacker that swapped the plastic line for a rotating blade. We switched near the middle, but I liked the scythe more than the weed whacker. 

There was a fruit tree on the land and we picked 2 bags full and brought it home called ameisha. I think that is how you spell it. But to get a lot literally there was a wooden ladder and two people held one side of it and I climbed up. It was a little sketchy, because it meant they acted as the wall to put the ladder against, but in the end it worked out fine. Lots of things like this happen here. It is called the jeito brasileiro, which literally means there is a way to overcome any obstacle using just the things at hand. 

     Spiritual thought of the week is that the simplest of testimonies have the biggest impact. Of the 3 weeks that the family of Romulo went to church they said that the best talk was one simple, not written down word for word talk, that was given by a girl of 14 years. You don't have to be good with words, or have a huge knowledge of things to make the difference. 


Do you get to see the dentist on the mission?  

No you dont go to the dentist on the mission, unless there is a problem.

Have you been sick even 1 days in the mission? 

Nope. Maybe a headache here and there. 

Did you find a new apartment?

We found 2 and passed them on to the finance secretary and now it is in his hands.

Today we just went to the center of the city, ate pizza, and looked at a few stores. Looked at ties, Elder Cruz bought new boots, and we went to a sports store. I didn't buy anything, but it was cool to go and look at some stuff at the mall. We were all dead tired so didn't end up climbing a mountain today, but maybe next week. 

Until next week.
-Elder Smith

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